The light in the tunnel
The light in the tunnel alone stories

amandamalagone pretty words on a sad screen
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empty, dark, lonely, and afraid,<br/>you fall in love with a light in the tunnel *first time writing a rhyming poem

The light in the tunnel

by amandamalagone

I spent my whole life here looking for a light. Nothing but darkness and emptiness in sight.

A light in the tunnel? How could there be such a thing? A candle to small, I had nothing to bring.

I fell and I stumbled and I cried and I mumbled and I didn't get up, I just laid there jumbled.

I wanted a way out but that's something I must pass. I gave up to fast, guess I'll be an outcast.

I stood back up in that dark tunnel as if the light I once had slid through a big funnel.

In all my despair I see a small flare. Something in the tunnel, I can't help but stare.

I run towards it all but again I once fall and I call and I call but it's gone.

I run my hands along the walls to make sure I don't fall but they seem to be burning up making me stall.

I see that light once more and I shout and I roar and plead for it to stay. Please, don't go away.

As I was adjusting my eyes, the light stood in my surprise. I cried and I cried from the light in my eyes.

I'm scared and afraid but I needed a way out. I stopped in my tracks and sat there in doubt.

The light grew brighter and full of hope, with its arms open wide. I think I might choke.

A light in the tunnel, I'd never expect. I've been trudging through these walls with so many defects.

The lights lips touched mine, its flesh and blood. My body grew weak and the tunnel started to flood.

You're the light in the tunnel that brightens my way. The emptiness around me no longer eats me away.

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