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just ranting. sorry

why i'm quiet

by amanda lee

"why are you so quiet?"

well, there are a couple of reasons.

I guess I'm afraid of what other people say.

And I don't like being put on the spot or being the center of attention.

And I don't trust my own thoughts sometimes.

So I won't always feel confident enough to be loud.

But sometimes I will know the answer or what to say.

But instead of saying it, I'll let somebody else do it for me instead. Because I'm lazy or too full of myself to care.

I guess it's also because I don't mind.

I don't mind when other people talk over me. If they have things they want to say, let them say it.

There are also my tired days.

Those are the days that i just don't feel like saying anything in order to preserve some energy to stay awake.

But i can't say that and expect them to understand.

So many times, i will find myself unable to ever answer.

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