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poem of broken love


The sea breeze reflects our old memories.

I remember your hand in mine as it slowly becomes numb.

I miss your hand warming mine.

The feelings of the sand and shells under my feet

Brings me back to a place of solitude.

Our body's intertwined in the seaweed,

I miss your solitude.

The refreshing feeling of the warm water against my cold skin

Reminds me of our joy,

Our laughing faces.

I miss the joy that you brought me.

The sound of the seagulls rings your screaming in my head.

When you would scream that i wasn't enough,

Then say you loved me.

I miss your "i love yous"

The waves crashing makes me reminisce on times

Where you crashed beers to your lips

And threw that one bottle at me and screamed

Your apology.

I miss your voice.

The laughter of children makes me think of the

Times you laughed in my face

When i told you i wanted to live my life with you.

I miss your laugh.

I miss you.

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