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A story about coming to terms with my sexuality and and people around me


by amandadantas

Unlike most people, i was lucky enough to easily come to terms with how I was and what I was going to face

I can't quite tell you when I realised I liked girls and boys, I think I always did but suffocated the feelings I had for girls, until I just couldn't do it anymore.. Didn't want to do it anymore

The situation in which i had to tell my mom was awful and involved a pervert uncle but that' a story for another time. My mom was...shocked. Kinda. I guess "Bi" was written on my forehead.

After some time of building comfort around the subject of my sexuality, I guess we're fine about it. Although I was lucky on almost all of my story, there is one thing i can definetly say.

Before "coming out" to anyone, especially your family, you have to accept yourself and who you are because people around you will say that you're just in doubt or have to "pick a side"

Be authentic and know one thing: you don't have to respect someone who doesn't respect you, and that counts for family too. Don't be afraid to push toxic people away

Respect and love yourself first.

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