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How I used to think of women.


by amandadantas

I used to have this common perception of girls, I idealized them in every way.

I used to like the idea of their soft skin, delicate bodies, striking beauty, adorable laughter, and all of that good, stereotypical shit.

Until I realised how horribly wrong I was and I was never so glad to not be right.

I came to sudden realization that that's not what girls are, that's not what they have to be.

We, as girls, as women, are strong, opinionated, independent, hard working humans who don't deserve to have other's perception of us be distorted into this male pleasing fantasy.

I thought about all of the amazing, inspiring females I was ever lucky enough to know about.

My mom, an absurdly strong woman who worked so hard to raise me. She did everything by herself because my father died when I was 2 years old. She got herself everything she has.

She is much more than soft skin and a pretty face. And so is every other woman out there. And so it made me realize yet another thing.

My own perception of myself.

I don't have to be delicate, adorable, submissive. I don't have to raise chidren, get a husband and please my man, I don't have to do any of that and neither does any woman.

The only thing we have to be is our own strong selves and never let anyone take us for granted.

Now I love women more than ever.

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