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by amandadantas

We, as a society, have the habit of revering artists, praising them for how "brilliant and creative" they are, but one thing is the reigning truth about every kind of artist.

All of them, actors, singers, comedians, writers; love attention. They are like that kid that figts back with the teacher just to have the whole classroom pay attention to them.

Everything and everyday must be about them. If you, my dear reader, also writes stories here, think of how satisfied you feel when you someone reacts to it or leave a positive comment.

You know the feeling, the thrill of having other people spend their precious time with you, having them pay attention to you. It makes you feel important. That's very likely why you're an artist.

Artists are self obsessed, addicted to attention, it's their drug and they get paid to indulge in it. Art is a fancy way to never grow out of your childish need to be the center of everything.

Now anyone experienced with writing is probably wondering why sometimes I refer to artists as "they" and sometimes "us". Well, sweetheart...

That's because although i like to write, I don't think I'm good enough or do it frequently enough to call myself a proper artist.

I highly doubt what I do has any motivation other than atttention and boredom. That was all of the useless things I had to say and if you got to this point of it all, congratulations.

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