Why, Oh Why. . . .
Why, Oh Why. . . . sky stories
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amandacinkus smile! it looks good on you :)
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Why, oh why, am I so hopelessly in love with you?

Why, Oh Why. . . .

Why oh why

Is the grass green,

And the sky blue?

Why oh why

Must you have been so cold

Until you thawed your heart and called me gold?

Why oh why

Am I so sure

That I love you?

Why oh why

When I’m in tears thinking we’re over

Do you tell me you love me too?

Why oh why

Must you wait until you see my pain

To shower me with kisses as if they were rain?

Why oh why

Did I fall for you like a fool

Even though you thought that without me, you’d be cool?

Why oh why

Do I see a man

When you act so immature as only a boy can?

Why oh why

Have I fallen in love. . . . .?

Maybe because we fit so perfectly, like a hand with a glove.

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