Scythe brokenheart stories
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In one moment, I held your hand in mine,


In one moment,

I held your hand in mine,

As if I were going to lose you

At any moment.

And tears rolled down my face

As you gripped just as hard,

Telling me you loved me

Over and over again.

As night came, so did Death.

He looked over us,

Dark robes emanating a gloomy aura.

As the last rays of sun faded beyond the horizon,

He held out is hand and gently caressed the

Skin above your heart.

Your hand became ice, and the room

Began to lack humanly presence;

For I have come to realize that when Death

Pulled your soul into his arms,

He snagged mine too.

Now I reside,

A lifeless body with all the time in the world

To suffer as I contemplate a world

Without you.

And each night I'm haunted

With the image of a scythe

Behind my eyelids,

Instilling a fear in me as each time the blade


Stabbing me with the reality that

You aren't with me anymore.

And eventually, the scythe remained

Permanently in my heart,

A constant throbbing that accompanies

The pain of your absence.

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