product of a love not meant to be
product of a love not meant to be dull stories

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We were a dream. I adored looking into your deep blue eyes,

product of a love not meant to be

We were a dream.

I adored looking into your deep blue eyes,

Luring me into the tempestuous oceans beyond.

I found solace in your embraces, and warmth in your caresses.

We were a dream.

I wish I could’ve given you everything.

I wish I could’ve made you happy.

I wish I could’ve loved you, like you deserved to be loved.

But we were just a dream.

Two magnets, turned from our opposite poles to face each other,

Only to unintentionally force each other away.

I keep thinking this was my fault; but I didn’t turn the magnets, did I?

It was easier for you to love me,

When all you had to go on was my voice.

But then we turned around,

And you were repulsed.

I couldn’t help the scars from heartbreaks past,

I couldn’t help the dull blue eyes, reflecting the stormy turmoil inside of me.

I couldn’t help the broken heart, waiting anxiously to be loved again.

For real this time.

Yet I make the mistake of reminiscing on our blind love,

And there’s another wave of agonizing pain that accompanies the memories.

I think about how stupid I must’ve been to trust you,

Only for you to break me again and again.

And I let the tears fall,

And they each carry a piece of my broken heart,

Leaving me with a black hole of raw emotion,

Sucking until I feel nothing,

And gracing me with the empty void where my heart once was.

But I do not know what hurts more:

The fact that you did this to me in the first place,

Or the fact that I still love you and would fall into your trap again, if it meant I’d have someone to love me. . .

Even just once more. . .

I guess we’re just the sad, alone, and divided product

Of a love

Not meant to be.

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