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Shadows threaten to Overtake her,


Shadows threaten to

Overtake her,

As an intimidating storm

Encircles her and lets its incessant rains

Cascade around her frail body.

She watches as the last rays of the sunset

Whip away the last rays of her sanity

And pull them behind the horizon.

She is left with nothing but instability.

Falling to her knees,

She weeps upon his grave

And lets the sweet fragrance of


Fill her senses.

He was her everything, and he

Left her alone in the

whirlwind of this world.

She weeps for their past,

She weeps for his absence,

She weeps for her own loneliness.

Picking at the bundle of red roses,

She lets the tears fall willingly,

And does not notice how her

Tears have turned

the petals a stunning white.

When she picks her head up and rests it

Upon the gravestone,

She drops the colorless roses

onto the grass

And she notices that newfound

Lack of color in the flowers.

She notes how colorless and dull her

Life now is.

She falls asleep under the stars,

But not before

Staring fondly at the exquisite


He asked be

Carved elegantly into the cold marble

In honor of them.

"Sweet dreams, my love, for I may not

Be able to cradle you here,

But our dreams will forever hold

limitless Possibilities of our

Timeless affections."

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