Too busy at life and big life
Too busy at life and big life

amanda12406 i make a bunch of feelings and emotions
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True life and busy too much

Too busy at life and big life

Sometimes I’m lost in my own mind,

Sometimes I am lost in someone Else’s shoes,

Sometimes I am too busy to pick up the phone and answer because I’m too busy thinking..

It’s usually someone who may or may not even know or care about me,

But I still care,

It’s something in me, It’s one of my character is tics,

I have more then one, I don’t swear, I’m young for this app, But I still stay, I just found out it’s my new talent, I wrote books for awhile,

Now I write poems, They were small books, But I felt the inside of my book, The emotions,

I love to read, Have fun with life, It’s like a bad and good dream at the same time.

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