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Free yourself

By: Amanda12406

Free yourself

by Amanda12406

Free yourself,

From her!,

You know she took you away from him,

why stay with her then?

She isn't a nice woman,

She is far from it!

Why would you stay with her?

She is a jerk,

And you know that,

so why did you stay with the villian,

It's like a thief stealing a kid,

You're a teenager so you should know better!

I don't know why I said it,

But I know you all have a better side than that!

Everyone has a good and bad side,

Show yours,

Show the true side,

I hope it's not a bad side,

I hope it's a good side,

I have two sides,

Like everyone else,

But I try my hardest to show no bad sides,

Mainly good side.

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