Dog- friend
Dog- friend stories

amanda12406 i make a bunch of feelings and emotions
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A dog / a friend is all u need sometimes. I have a few friends that just get me threw the dam day. Let ur one friend make u happy

Dog- friend

She’s my my only And only friend

But I still stay and may not go away, We live in darkness at a point, and in dismay,

I stay the friend and I sit back and watch everyone walk by with the ignoring parts of times, Watching everyone go by; beside my only true friend, “the dog”,

The dog watched them all go by ignoring them both, sometimes the dog would get some attention from other people but it would bark at them and ignore them; but,,, not the lonely sad girl,

The dog sits there watching and tilting her head.

They sit by each other each day now, and are friends till each day ends and each year ends slowly.....

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