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kind words for those who are needing it just like I did.

get over it.

I keep telling myself to get over it.

I kept telling myself:

“He doesn’t love you. And nobody will love you again.”

“He never wanted you and nobody will want me again.”

“You are insignificant to him. And you are insignificant for everyone.”

“Something is wrong with you. And everybody notice it.”

I let myself sabotage me with my own thoughts, I guess love was not for me.

But I stopped with this terrible thoughts, I saw that this was leading me to chaos.

I stopped looking myself in the mirror and screaming “what the hell is wrong with me?”

I started repeating to myself:

“You are worth it, even if everyone make you believe that you aren’t “

“He didn’t deserve you, but you deserve to be happy.”

“Something better is waiting for you, even if nothing good is happening now.”

“You are beautiful and kind and no one should say you are not.”

YOU are worth living! YOU are beautiful! Never make yourself believe the contrary because of someone else.

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