Bridge To Terabithia 2: Untold Story
Bridge To Terabithia 2: Untold Story stories

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After Leslie's Death, Jess Let's His Sister May Belle To be The Princess of terabithia. He Then leaves his school, friends and families and moves on to a city to do what is worth doing. Jess Return's after 5 years and a dark occurrence bothers him! what is it? and is it related to Terabithia?

Bridge To Terabithia 2: Untold Story

*Jess's Arrival* 5 years had already passed, Jess has left the town,studies, his family and was pursuing a dream with only one thing in his mind, to do what was worth doing, he traveled to a city and was completing his art learnings. Jess was now 17, and was returning his home to meet his family and friends. His arrival soon spread and joyed the heart of May Belle, Jess's closest sister. Right after Jess reached his home the old memories started playing with his mind , he glares at the Burke's house and ignores it, he makes his way towards his house, it was quite bigger and better then what it was 5 years ago. As he entered the door he saw his mother working in the kitchen like old days and saw his little sister who couldn't even walk backthen was now watching the TV. But still the house was full of silence because both the elder sister were now married and they no more used to live there. May belle came running towards Jess and hugs him tightly. Where have you been little sister he asks her with a soft voice. May Belle still the same childish, and joyful, replies , I was at Terabithia. he was a bit depressed from that moment as those old memories keep on bobbling on his mind which was making him more depressed. Oh Terabithia huh... You still go there, it's good you still care about the Terabithians... He says with a deep sigh. Of course I do, I'm the Princess of Terabithia and it's my duty to look over them, she says with a small grin. May belle words, started flowing over his minds, it remind him of "Leslie". How joyful she was backthen the Queen of Terabithia and now everything is over,he mumbles deep within his heart... Soon May belle realised that Jess was not feeling comfortable talking about terabithia so she changes the topic. We missed you a lot Jess, come hurry up follow me I'll show you my room! He follows her still thinking about the past, those wonderful memories.... He shakes his head hard and comes back to his senses, he wondered if May's and his room is still connected? But if it was not, he wouldn't be surprised as the house look much bigger from outside. As he walks upstairs, every single foot was refreshing a memory for him, they made it to their room, May Belle had much bigger and better room then before with her Barbie's still with her. He goes to his room and smiles abit looking at his bed and the drawings hanging on the walls. Hey may? Can you leave me alone for a while? He says with a sad voice. Yes sure she replies and walks down like a humble sister. He sits in his bed touching those paintings with a tear in his eyes, he holds them which brought a lot of memories back, he was happy that mom and dad didn't throw those paintings, he then soon put's them back where they belonged. He takes out his drawing book in which he used to draw 5 years ago and turn the pages smiling at those paintings and grinning on how bad he was backthen. As he stands near the window he see's the Burke's house, oh yeah I almost forgot Burke's house was always visible from my window he speaks to himself. He tries to fall asleep, and soon he does taking a quick nap would probably freshen up abit he thinks while trying to sleep. Dinner is ready! Honey! Wash yourself up and come down, said his mom, he opens his eyes smiles a bit ,on how things never change. He washes himself up and goes down for dinner. Hey dad , how you've been, said Jess, meeting his dad after 5 years probably have refreshed his moments with his dad which he, actually had quite a less to remember. The dinner was quite chatty as they talked about the studies and stuffs. He completed his dinner and went off too sleep. It was 1:00 at night and he couldn't fall asleep.He sneaks himself out of the house and while doing that a familiar voice stopped him, where to Jess? He was shocked on how May belle was still awake till that time, as he all could only wonder was only to sleep at that time when he was of her age. Oh, me? With a stuttering voice, I'm not able to sleep so I'm just going for a little walk, I'll be back in a few minutes.. can you not tell mom? with smile in her face, May belle hugs Jess and says yes sure. She still wondered, why would he go for a walk at this time and starts to follow him. As he walks through the backyard, he stand's there looking at only one thing, the Burke's house, a drop of tear falls from his eyes, and he couldn't resist it anymore and soon burst's out in tears. May belle who was following him came and hugged him, stop crying Jess it's alright please don't cry said the young May Belle. I can't forget her, how much I try I can't.... I can't forget but only cherish those memories with Leslie, I loved her and I let her die. I can't forget those moments when we spent time together, how we built terabithia how we used to enjoy, we used to smile and laugh together. But everything is over now... Everything is over..... Said Jess with a voice crumbling with tears... May belle couldn't help but cry she tried her best but she was still a kid , she hugged Jess and then they both walk towards home. Hey may? I'm sorry for that , please don't tell anyone about it, I just.... , I just lost myself.. don't worry, said may belle with her cute voice and a small smile in her face I won't, I'm just happy, that you still remember her and still love her. ye... But it's too late now I'll go sleep... Goodnight may. goodnight Jesse... It was 7 at morning and may belle reaches Jess's room, wake up Jess wake up. Leslie's dad and mom have returned. He tries to ignore his annoying sister, which he always thought she was, but was shocked after hearing the  word Leslie. He slammed himself up and asks, What! But why? And what do you mean by returned? Jess.... Since you were gone, you don't know this but Mr.bill and her wife come here back every year in autumn for few months to pay respects to their daughter. You should probably go and meet them. He again thinks about that day when he, Leslie and the Burke's enjoyed painting the walls. Of course.... I will, I have to, after all I was the only one who was so close to Leslie. Alright, Jess I'll go then I got school see ya ! Mom told me to wake you up for breakfast. oh of course you still have school, said Jess , bye .. I'll be down in a minute.

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