Her over me
Her over me stories

ama111 write it out until what hurt you heals
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Idk... I love him. He loves me. But why is she still covering his phone?

Her over me

I feel. I feel like I will never measure up. I feel like you will never love me like you loved her

There is still a heart by her name Her picture still covers your phone You’ve kept the things she gave you

You loved her Maybe you love her. But I love you And you love me

I’m scared the songs and words you give me are the same ones you gave her. I’m scared that your song for me was also your song for her

I hate this. I hate feeling worthless compared to her Compared to a girl a have never met.

You will probably always love her. Even though she hurt you. And I can be okay with that That can be okay.

I love you my boy Please don’t love her as much as you say you love me

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