I see you prt.2
I see you prt.2 love stories

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Will I ever even have a chance?

I see you prt.2

A cold hand on my shoulder alerts me to the fact that my shift is over. "Hey, short stuff." Cameron greats me. It's not that I'm short, it's just he's unnaturally tall.

At a looming 6'7" Cameron makes most of the workers in our division look short. I'm 5'11" which in my opinion is a perfectly fine hight. "Night'" I get up.

"Woah woah woah ! No need to be crabby man." He sounds like an idiot skater boy.

Of course I'm upset, I didn't get to see her all day, and she's pulling an all nighter! "Bro, if you like work so much, mind taking over for me?" He asks, but it's sounds more like a order.

"Give a good reason. Then I'll consider." I try to act like I wasn't jumping at the chance. "Because I want to sleep. Been up all day." He yawns to prove a point.

"Sure, I guess I'll be the bigger man." I'm not hiding anything, everyone knows. Everyone but...her.

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