Fairy garden
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Grandma’s house is full of mystery

Fairy garden

I walk down the path to my grandma's garden the rocky path crunching beneath my feet. The smell of home cooking can be smelt even all this way beyond the house.

My grandma, even at her age, still insists on making the finest of her home cuisine.

I like to take a walk in the garden because it reminds me of the fairy tale that my grandma told me when I was young. Almost too similar.

I think nothing of this, perhaps my grandma based her story on the garden because she too thinks it magical. I see something glowing on a flower in the dirt next too me.

"Huh" I breathe out, it's really early for a lightning bug to be glowing. I bend down to the light. I almost jump in fear at what I see. It's an alien being, small, and bug eyed.

It is small enough to be a fairy, but far to scary to be one. I'd always assumed that fairy's were like small girls, but then again they were fairy tale creatures. I look again, but it's gone.

When I stand up I see a trail of lights. I know I shouldn't follow it, even if it is fairy's, but I do. The fairy's lead into a small opening, a pocket in the forest.

I've been in the forest before, but I've never seen this! Where did it come from. I stare in awe, but as I do the sun stars setting.

I hear my grandma calling for me "dinner, dinner!" And figure I should get going. The glowing entity's lead my out of the pocket and back to the garden.

I'm not sure what I saw at grandma's that day, and I don't think I ever will.

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