books on mental health
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books that depict mental health really well :)

books on mental health

mental health is still a very stigmatized subject. i'm gonna recommend some books that i think represent mental health struggles well. for each one, i will list some specific trigger warnings, but i may have missed your specific triggers, so please be mindful 🤍 (titles with * after them were made into movies)

Silver Linings Playbook* •this story starts right after Pat Solitano gets out of a mental hospital. it follows him getting back on his feet while struggling with bipolar disorder •TW: mild domestic violence (which is worse in the movie), and swearing. •rare instance of the movie living up to the book :)

All the Bright Places* •Violet and Finch's meeting on the edge of a bell tower starts an adventure-filled friendship •TW: talk about death/suicide •the movie, available on Netflix, is not as good as the book, but still worth a watch

Turtles All the Way Down •Aza Holmes works to find her childhood friend's missing father, while also struggling with her sense of self and OCD. •TW: the depiction of Aza's OCD and anxiety is intense/ accurate enough to be potentially triggering

It's Kind of a Funny Story* •the high school of Craig Gilmore's dreams turns out to be too much to him to handle. his mental heal deteriorates until he checks himself into a psychiatric hospital •TW: talk about suicide, depictions of inpatient •I have not seen the movie so idk if it's good or not :)

The Perks of Being a Wallflower* •Charlie's first year of high is full of difficult self discovery. he finds a group of fellow misfits to help him on his journey. •TW: sexual abuse, charlie has ptsd •the movie is good, but i found it significantly more triggering than the book, so be mindful.

The Rest of Us Just Live Here •Mikey and his friends have to put up with "indie" kids running around their small tow, blowing buildings up while fighting vampires and such. but Mikey has battles in his own mind to fight. •TW: Mikey has OCD, and his sister is recovering from an eating disorder

i hope some of these are enjoyable or educational for you guys. if any of you are struggling, please reach out for help; my dms are open if you need it ❤

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