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alyvea grieving for the living
Autoplay OFF   •   a year ago
back in my head again but it was good while it lasted ig 😶

a dream

i fell in love inside this dream i felt too good to see what it means i’ll have to wake up when the sun rises just when i’ll think “no more surprises”

it was the best i’ve ever felt it was the best i’ve ever dealt with the monsters raging in my head i stopped wishing i was dead

i forgot the proper way to feel honestly it felt so real i thought i could escape everyone’s fate i thought for us, it wasn’t too late

i’ve tried and tried to understand why my heart lays shattered in the sand why i let myself become a fool why i thought that i could change the rules

but i was wrong as i always am the universe doesn’t give a damn if i know my world is real or fake as long as the sun makes sure i wake

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