Slip Away
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alyssatatum28 my name's not philip and i'm not a poet
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A very vague, short piece.

Slip Away

Hey guys Tate here <3 remember my messages are open to anyone who needs to talk!!

I'm sitting across from her at the kitchen table,

Watching her struggle not to slip away from me.

She tucks her hair behind her ear with a shaking hand,

Like staying in her own mind is becoming too much to handle;

Like it's becoming too painful.

She's got some edgy music playing from her phone that sits on the table between us,

As if hoping it'll keep her here.

But her eyes get that far-off look, and I snap,

And she flinches away from me.

I look back at her, guilty, but unwilling to back down.

I will not lose her again.

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