He Pinky Promises
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an update to 'He Promises'

He Pinky Promises

He told me that despite my flaws, I am worth it.

He told me that I am his type and that I am pretty.

He told me these things a long time ago,

And he still tells me them.

But the thing is...

I don't need him to tell me anymore.

I know that I am worth it and I know that I am pretty.

He still tells me, though, because he loves me.

He says that he still hasn't forgotten the way I looked at him when we met.

I believe it, because I still haven't forgotten how he looked at me.

At the time I didn't know it, but he was wondering what it would be like to dance with me.

He promised he would make me confident.

We're still working on that one,

But he hasn't given up on me yet, so I won't either.

Neither of us knows why I am the way I am.

But he knows that I am this way,

And he knows that I am trying to make it better,

And I know he has his own struggles,

And that is enough for us.

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