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alyssatatum28 my name's not philip and i'm not a poet
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I know what I want, but Mom doesn't think I really do.


Mom and Dad want me to be confident

And I want to cut my hair

But the style is different and a little crazy

Definitely not something most girls want

Dad says yes,

Dad says yes, he'll cut it right now

Mom says no,

Mom says no, she doesn't think I'm confident enough

Dad says I'm already confident

Mom says she thinks the other girls at school will talk shit about me

Mom says I'll look like a lesbian

Dad says the only thing that matters is what I think

I think Dad's right

But I so desperately need Mom's approval

And that only proves she's right

Update: I cut it myself. I also got in a lot of trouble... but that was only at first, when she was mad. She ended up admitting that I was right and it looked better like this. She still holds firm that I look like a lesbian, but joke's on her.

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