All The Life You've Missed
All The Life You've Missed sad stories
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alyssatatum28 my name's not philip and i'm not a poet
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A short rant about my uncle, who I'm going to be seeing in two days whether I like it or not.

All The Life You've Missed

I didn't know where you went

And I didn't know why

You felt the need to smoke and drink

And leave us here behind

I listened to so many hushed phone calls

Read so many texts I was never supposed to see

Trying to find out

Why you did this to them and to me

I haven't seen you since I was twelve

But even in years before

You weren't always around

There's so many things you missed

You missed my fifth grade graduation

And you missed my first day of middle school

You missed my first concert

And you missed every one after that

You missed my eighth grade graduation

And you missed awards night

When I got six awards

And a trophy

For being just 'alright'

You missed every birthday

From seven to fourteen

And you missed every holiday

And I thought you weren't really coming back

But then you did

And you compare me to Aunt Chelsea

Someone who lies and smokes and never moved out

You compare me to people

Even though you don't really know me all that well

I used to think I knew you too

But I guess I really don't

So please don't try to talk me

Don't try to explain

I don't know how to talk to you

And I don't know what I'd say

If I did

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