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Some random stuff about me me stories

alyssastuff Is the impossible ever possible?
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So here is a list of ten things about me.... Yeah

Some random stuff about me

Here are some random things about me cuz I like to post daily and I am brain dead right how :-\ Haha thats one thing right there I am brain dead right now... Not completely but mainly I can still think just not imaginate.... I made that word.

Ok let's hope you get to know me better because of this.... Just not to well.... That'd be a little.... Creepy... So here we are random stuff about me that you didn't need to know but know you know cuz I wrote it down on commaful for you to know even though you didn't ask, so yeah....

1. I am pansexual You might already know that I have my coming out story.on commaful since I think it was fun. Yeah. 2. I use the word yeah a lot.... Like a lot, a lot... 3. I like to cook

4. I have a boyfriend So ye- no... No more yeahs... So yes, brother.... 5. My mental age is a sassy five to a sixty three year old there is no in between... Maybe there is an in between I just haven't found her yet.... Sadly...

5. My name is Alyssa.... If you couldn't tell.... My user name is definitely not AlyssaStuff... Definitely not. 6. I am sarcastic.... If you couldn't tell.... I am... 7. I have a lot of opinions... A loooot.

8. I don't know when to shut up. My mouth gets me into trouble.... Eh. Whatever. 9. I am very weird But hey if nobody was weird nobody would be interesting. Plus weird is normal... Normal is weird. Weird.

Finally number 10. I am New Mexican!!! I love, love, love my state! Anways I hope you all have a great day Stay hydrated!!!! Bye AlyssaStuff

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