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alyssastuff Is the impossible ever possible?
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These are random thoughts of mine

Random Thoughts I Have

Some of these might be disturbing... No matter I present random thoughts I have. (Normally before I sleep or in the shower) Ahem If guns kill people... Do pencils make mistakes? No people kill people! People make mistakes

What was the person doing with the cow when they found the milk...... I mean like.... Where the trying to have you know "it" with the cow... Yeah that is nasty... Sorry if you are cow sexual or something... But it is gross so yeah.

Does the other twin know they were a mistake... I mean it isn't like twins are planned... Normally it is just one kid you know? They could be a happy mistake though :-) Do parents feel obligated to love their kids? Do they?

If evolution is real why do things die? If you are an evolutionist can you answer that one for me please? Thank you! Here is a good one, how did the person that made wifi make it... Like it is invisible. I am very stupid, I should pay more attention to school.... Speaking of which

WHY CAN A MEMORIZE EVERY MY HERO OR MARVEL LINE BUTNI CAN'T MEMORIZE SOME STUPID POEM FOR SCHOOL?!! I have another question, who invented school!? I mean thanks but no thanks. It is helpful yes but it is so ugh Fun fact: six years of your childhood was spent in school

Imagine all the memories you could have made during those six years.... Another fun fact real quick: the average human spends three years of their life on the toilet. Imagine how much school you could have got done.... A lot I know, If I did school on the toilet I might be a genius.

Ok if aliens aren't real how did we get the idea of them I mean even a lie is based of something real... Why do imaginary friends come in the first place... I dunno... Did anybody have an imaginary friend, I didn't... Sad. Someone had to program how to program.....

That one makes my head hurt. Why do homophobic people exist.... Hard to answer but seriously why, they just jelly that they are not apart of the fricken rainbow community 💅🏼 Or they just idiots.... Who came up with the word idiot and how did it catch on.... Idk

Ok have a great day I hope I didn't offend nor confuse anyone with my crazy thoughts I hope you all have a great day! Byeeeee people, I need to catch up on some YouTube, cuz I am lazy af... ✌

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