Random Thoughts I Have 2
Random Thoughts I Have 2 random stories
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alyssastuff Is the impossible ever possible?
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More random weird thoughts I have in the shower

Random Thoughts I Have 2

To fall asleep you have to pretend to fall asleep.... 😮 Someone had to program how to program.... My brain hurts form that one... Ok this one is weird but I will add it anyway Who figured out two languages.... Like just think about it.... Huh?

Do you ever have that moment were you suddenly remembered your dream? What if there is a part of your brain storing dreams you have and something triggers them 👁👄👁 Fruit loops is spelt 'Froot Loops' Nani

Everything is based of a something even a lie... Dragons... Unicorns... Bigfoot... All based of something... What if colorblind people actually see correctly... And it is just rarer to have proper vision. Ok this one is for all you beauty fans ...

Who decided to put powder on their face "oh what is that Billie" "Oh it is powder I put it on my eyelids for dramatic effect, also to make me look better." "oh ok Billie, you should also make a stick or gloss for your lips." "ok mom"

Who decided skirts were for girls! CLOTHES HAVE NO GENDER! I stand by thus statement till the day I die. Speaking of clothes, who decided to call shorts, shorts but pants, pants... Shouldn't they be called longs?

Why do we wear clothes if we were born naked..... I mean I like clothes.... Who invented clothes? Who was the person who defy P-H MAKES A F SOUND!!!! WHAT ARE YOU A IDIOT! So while we are talking about words....

Who made dyslexia have a y.... They already have a hard time reading and spelling! They are gonna look up 'help with dislecksia' hopefully the internet understands.... Hippopotamusmonstrocesasquidaphobia maybe I spelt that right... Is the fear of frickin long words!!!


Erasers give up themselves to fix our mistakes...... Sad.. But true #blesstheerasers Pokemon are unpaid slaves that go into battle, because of you..... Shesh... Sorry pokemon

Ok well thanks for reading my random thoughts! have a great day peeps... Another thought we need more gender neutral terms....

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