Opposites Attract (pt3)
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Rein is extremely annoyed with Jayden.

Opposites Attract (pt3)

** hello this is part three. Part two is on the account @brokeneyes Please go and check that out! Anways this is a little long but I hope you enjoy!!!**

Rein was falling... Her pain was finally over... She closed her eyes, A slight smile appeared on her lips. Out of nowhere a hand grabs hers... This hand is oddly familiar... She is pulled up back onto the roof, her eyes met Jaydens lavender ones.

There were tears in his eyes. He placed his hands on her face and leaned in to kiss her. When the gap closed Rein pulled away. "GG..." "Don't call me that!" Rein snapped. "I am so, so so sorry..." Rein scoffed and glared at Jayden with utter hatred.

How could he play her like that? Rein was not happy. She storms away, not even looking back. She didn't need too, she knew Jayden was staring at her... She knew very well.... **Time skip to when Rein gets home**

Rein walked in her house. Her father had a beer bottle in hand. His friends were her though, that was a good thing. He never abused her in front of his friends. You know what they say it isn't illegal unless you get caught. "Hey princess." Her father waved her over.

"Woah, GG what is wrong" Uncle Lucas! Rein loved uncle Lucas he was her moms brother. He was very loving and kind. "Can I talk to you, Uncle Lucas." "Sure thing, I am already out of the game. I don't gamble" Rein looked at the table. They were playing poker.

"So what is it, GG?" Her uncle asked closing the door. "My boyfriend is a jerk and cheating on me." Her uncle looked mad. "Who is he." "Jayden Breeze" "Well... If he cheated he isn't the one." He kissed her on the head and went away.

The next day went by. She saw Mackenzie hanging a poster 'Vote Mackenzie For Prom Queen!' Rein grabbed a marker and smiled leaving the poster 'Don't Vote Mackenzie For Prom Queen!'

She was walking to chemistry when she saw Grayson... 'Well this will be a blast' she thought. Grayson went over to her and pushed her down. "What are you doing Grayson! I thought u told you to stop" Rein rolled her eyes. Of course Jayden is gonna play hero again.

"It is fine, Jayden. Grayson hurts me way less than you do." Jayden looked down to his feet. "I really am sorry if you would just hear me out..." Rein walked away without hearing his explanation. She didn't care. Not one bit.... Ok maybe a little bit of her cared.

**Flashback Jaydens POV** "Heh Jayden, can you help me clean some of the cheer stuff" Mackenzie asked me. "Sure thing" I dismissed myself form soccer practice. I already was the best... No need to brag... I followed Mackenzie into the girls locker room.

"So where is this ch-" I was cut off. Mackenzie pulled me into a corner her hands against the wall. "My lips..." She said. OH GOD! I have a girlfriend... Does she know? No... I haven't told people yet...

The position she had me in made it impossible to escape without hurting her. So I stayed. I tried resisting the kiss but that is hard when you are trapped against the wall. She pulled me into a kiss. C'mon you could have at least put chapstick on! But no make this 10 times grosser.

My eyes are wide open the entire time she was kissing me. Every now and then she would try and deepen the kiss... Not gonna happen. I keep it as lowkey as possible. Hopefully nobody sees me... The door opens. Oh crap! GG stood there eyes wide open.

**end of flashback, third person** Rein sat in the class. She was upset about the desk she picked. She shared it with Jayden. Ugh!!!! "So class we have a project coming up!"

The teacher explained the project. "Lastly you will be working in groups of three, I already picked the groups" she started announcing each group getting a couple cheers form some kids or groans form others. "Finally, Mackenzie, Jayden and Rein!" What luck....

Mackenzie moved over to the pairs desk. "My mom is having a dinner party why not we go to your place for the project, Rein." "Uh... My house is getting fumigated" this was a lie. She just didn't want them to see her poor house. It would make her feel more like a loser.

"Well my house is free!" Jayden suggested Mackenzie agreed eagerly but Rein not so much. "alright catch you guys at six." Jayden said "ok babe..." Mackenzie replied. Babe? Really? Rein wanted to cry. This freaking cheater.

"Haha.... That waa a funny joke, Mackenzie... Haha... Ha" he responded awkwardly. That is weird why didn't he call Mackenzie a cure pet name. Weird... **time skip to six o clock.** Rein was able to sneak away form my apartment to Jaydens.

He opened the door and went in to hug her. She just pushed him away. How could she ever forgive him. How!? They started working one the project. Mackenzie threw a few flirty comments here and there. Jayden ignores them, though.

After a good two hours of working they decided to call it quits. They still had two more weeks until it was due. "So you two coming to the big soccer game?" Jayden asked looking hopefully at Rein. "I am totally going!" Mackenzie stated

"What about you GG?" "Yeah...." She already bought tickets. It would be a waste not to use them. "AWESOME! Then catch you two tommrow" He smiled his perfect white teeth grinning form ear to ear. He had cute dimples on either side of his face.

With that they left. Rein walked all the way home. It was a thirty minute walk but she didn't care. It was getting dark and hard to see because of her blind eye. Luckily she was already at the back of her apartment. She clip the pipes to get to her window.

She swiftly went into her bed and fell asleep. The next morning was the big game. The entire school was buzzing about it. "ok Red Pandas! Let's show some school spirit!" The school cheers. Mackenzie and the cheer squad continues there speech.

Jayden walks over to Rein. "Hey I really need to talk to you..." "No. Go away." She points out the door. "But we have school.." "Then get out of my sight, idiot." Jayden smiled and moved behind her. Then to hee other side.

"now I am in your blind eyes view... So I am out of your sight. Now can we talk?" "Ugh! What do you want." "you...." He said sheepishly blush rising to his cheeks. "Well me says no." "Lis-" "I don't wanna hear it."

"fine but to let you know... I meant what u said when I saved you... I do love you... Mackenzie just kissed me I swear I didn't enjoy it." Rein considered this... "Couldn't you have just pushed her away." "I didn't want to hurt her. We have been friends since we were three"

Could this be true... Maybe.... "I... I don't know. What you did was horrible." "I know... Even if you don't love me back.... I will always love you." He gave her a half hug not wanting to invade her personal space. Then he ran off to the field. The game was staring.

Rein took a seat and watched their team won by a landside with Jaydens skills... "VICTORY SPEECH;" one of the kids shouted to Jayden. The school chanted for him to say something and eventually he opened his mouth. "How are you everyone!" Jayden shouted.

"You know I would be happy about this win.... But I am not" The school asked him why. "that is because I wanna win someones heart not a game!" Mackenzie smiled. Other girls looked jealous... "So I wanna ask someone a very special question...."

Mackenzie gasped and walked towards Jayden and shouts "I will be your date to prom!" The school cheers! Jayden whispers something to Mackenzie. And her smile fades. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN NOT ME!" The school gasps... "I wanted to ask a very special girl...." He looked to Rein.

"GG...." The school was confused. "yeah it was a good game?" One of the soccer kids said. "NO, GG!!!" He looked a little frustrated but mostly nervous "Will you go to prom with me?" He asked, his voice glimmers with hope for a yes.

** ok that was all for part three thanks for reading Go check out @brokeneyes Part 4???? Thanks for reading and as always have a great day!!!**

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