MHA ships (Bakugou edition)
MHA ships (Bakugou edition) ships stories

alyssastuff Is the impossible ever possible?
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Bakugou ships cuz um bored AF. Who do you ship him with

(no small ships sry)

MHA ships (Bakugou edition)

Hi, I'm here back with MHA stuff. 👍🏻 Ok so ummm... This is mha ships bakugou edition. So bakugou ships! Yeah...... Ok let's start this!!! 😝

Kiribaku... Or is bakukiri? Wtv its cute (Look at them there so oshiebsknsk)

Bakudeku... I like this ship (Hehe! Does the GIF look familiar, comment if you know what I mean 😂)

Bakuchako? Is that the ship name plz tell me (I mean I get it bakugou respects women but I'm not big one this one.... Sry if you disagree)

Todobaku. . . I mean suuure? Why not? (I don't ship it but like ig if you want... Shippers gonna ship)

Todobakudeku- I feel like this could work like low-key kinda ship it (isn't the GIF adorable omg!!!!)

I was doing more of the main ships... Comment who you ship our bakubro with! Also comment who you would like to see next on MHA ships! Ok bye I LOVE you all so much!!! AlyssaStuff

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