Long Distance (bakudeku part9)
Long Distance (bakudeku part9) bakudeku stories

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Kirishima comes up with a plan to break up Izuku and Bakugou. With help from Denki and LILY they worked on operations break them up.

Long Distance (bakudeku part9)

**ahoy! How is it going? Do any of you feel bad for Kirishima because is ure do! XD Anyway guess who is baaaaaack ~ 😏 I hope you enjoy part 9 did you no nine is German for no or none I don't remember which one. Anyway bye for now my little bakudeku shippers**

Third person POV It was obvious to class 1A that Izuku was very special to bakugou. Very. They watched Bakugou turn into a big softie for the smaller boy. They hugged, snuggled and kissed almost all day, the class was surprised at how nice Bakugou could be.

"Wow Bakugou I didn't realize you could be such a softie!" Mina teased. "Shut up..." Bakugou wasn't yelling because Izuku had fallen asleep on his lap. "Awww you loooooove him" Mina continued "Shut the fuck up Mina..." "Mmmm how about no"

"Tch. Whatever..." Izuku yawned then his two big eyes opened up. "Hey where did Kaminari and Kirishima go?" The class hadn't noticed they were gone. The bakusquad figured out the Kirishima was upset and that Denki waa soothing him like the good friend he is.

"Oooh.... Um. They are... Shitting..." Mina lied. "Oh. Um tmi..." Izuku muttered he stood up then fell face first on the floor. Bakugou stood up and helped Izuku up. "Stupid floor!!!!! You can't do that you fucking letting my boyfriend get hurt!" Bakugou punched the floor "Eh... It is ok Kacchan...."

"Hmmph whatever." Back with Kirishima and Denki. "Denki... Do you think I should tell bakugou... I like him... Maybe then he will realize he likes me...." "Sure dude that sounds awesome!" Denki gave a thumbs up.

The two started planning for Kirishima to admit his love for Bakugou... (I love you two but get out of my ships way...) An hour later it was lights out and Kirishima had made a plan that he was postive to work. He was very happy about it.

**the next day** Kirishima POV Today is the day I will tell Bakubro my love for him my heart is pounding like crazy! I walk down the stairs, I see bakugou snuggling his little boyfriend... Ha that will be me soon. My plan was simple.

Me and Denki are gonna make it look like Bakugou cheated in the boy. Once they break up I will come on in and pick up the pieces. We were gonna make it that Izuku cheated but we dunno who he knows. We actually got a girl to help with this plab , she likes Izuku her nqme is Lily. She is pretty cool.

The three of us decided that Izuku shouldn't cheat because according to Lily she knew that Izuku wouldn't do something like that and Bakugou was more likely. We agreed, she was very persistent. "ok time to put plan break them up to action!" Lily whisper shouted.

My heart beated like crazy we paid Uraraka she loves money and she wanted revenge on Bakugou for using her last savings. "ok" Uraraka said "how much money." "Two hundred. We all pitched in." "twenty more and I won't back-

out" she said. We gave her twenty more. "ok I am going.." She skipped to Bakugou. "BAKUGOU HOW COULD YOU FUCK ME LAST NIGHT YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND!" She screamed. She was a very good actress. I smiled I think it is gonna work.

"Kacchan... Is this true..." Izuku looked up... "No it's not I swear!" "IT IS TRUE HE FUCKED ME! MAKED OUT WITH ME! HE SAID HE DIDN'T CARE ABOUT YOU!" Uraraka shouted even more, getting louder each word. I was proud she was a very very good at this. I am kinda surprised.

"Zuzu I" Bakugou started. "What KATSKI BAKUGOU! How are you gonna explain this! That is it. WE ARE OVER" Izuku screeched running away tears filling his eyes. "NO DEKU WAIT!" Bakugou chased after him. It was no use he had to stay in the hotel he wasn't allowed to leave until 9:30 but he left...

He actually broke the rules!!! Mr aziwa stopped Bakugou and he was suspended in the room for the rest of the day. Luckily we shared a room. I smile.... The plan worked. Just like I wanted. Everything was in order. All I have to do is pick up the pieces.

**ok damn!!! What the fuck have I done!!! Part 10 coming soon! Anyway I love Kirishima... But jot in this fanfic.... Damn. I am still shocked from my own ending... God what have I done. Bye my little bakudeku shippers**

Long Distance (bakudeku part9)

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