Long Distance (bakudeku part8)
Long Distance (bakudeku part8) fanfiction stories

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The class finds out about Bakugou and his boyfriend Izuku... Kirishima is very sad and jealous. Thus WILL be a hell of a rollercoaster so buckle up and enjoy! Part 8

Long Distance (bakudeku part8)

**Two in one day. Give me a round of applause. Thank you. Anyway. Read the otehr parts to understand or just guess I don't really care So let us start the drama p, the ship. Lights camera action! Goodbye my little bakudeku shippers, for now at least.... Mwahahaha**

Bakugous PO I guess I should tell the truth... I really am.not sure though... I look at Deku... He moths 'we can say later' I smile he knew I was nervous. "I dunno just did." I shrug. Even though I went 'cause I love him. I sigh the game went on for awhile

Eventually it ends. Thank God. Everyone is saying things to deku like 'omg you are so sweet!' And 'he is a little bean!' I mean they aren't wrong but fuck off. Deku so mine bitches. Deku give me warm smile. It is dinner now. We are eating with deku. My class likes him.

I love him. I look at Deku. He smiles... Then I decided that we will just act like a couple until they get the hint. I gave deku a look. He knew what it ment. And so the coupling will start. Now.

"Deku you got something on your face." I reach over and grab a napkin. I proceed to wipe his face. "Kacchan! I can clean my own face!" "No." "Ok... Whatever..." He sighs.

My class looked a little confused. Then I tapped the seat next to me. Deku walked over and sat on it leaning his head on my shoulder. "Ummm..." Momo looked confused. Kirishima looked like he was about to cry... "are you two... You know..."

She crossed her fingers together. I sighed. "got the hint did ya. Of course we are dating." I rolled my eyes. "Damn..." Sero gasped "Wait let me get this straight" Pink cheeks said.

"You dating this sweet boy." "Opposites attract." Deku said. How precious. "I guess.... How do you handle bakugou he is so.... Rude." Todoroki said "Kacchan? Rude? Well I never he is very sweet. One time he bought me flowers and sent them to me from Japan"

The girls fangirled then. Mina noticed Kirishima was gone. **Kirishima POV** I buried my fave in my pillow tears bursting. I herd a knock on the door. "Who is it." "Denki...." "come in....."

"Hey you ok.... I know you like Bakugou..." "it hurts Denki! Why would Bakugou like him instead of me! I thought we had a special bond" "you do.... Just.... Not in the way you wanted... I'm sorry" "it hurts!!!!" "I know..."

"I remember all our times.... I can't believe there was nothing.." "it was something..." Denki tried soothing me... Memories rushed through my brain

"Denki.." "yes" "is this what you call jealousy..." "it is..." Denki, might be dumb but he is always there. I am glad I have a friend like him at this time... So glad.

**ok all done! What do you think! I feel kinda sorry for Kirishima what about you? Anyway this is part8 part 9 and maybe 10 coming tomorrow! I hope you liked it. Have a great day, byeeeee my little bakudeku shippers**

Long Distance (bakudeku part8)

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