Long Distance (bakudeku part6)
Long Distance (bakudeku part6) bakudeku stories
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Long Distance (bakudeku part6)

**Hi how are you all? What do you guys think of Lily after this part I think we all want her in the trash with minita! :-) This will be a frustrating adventure. This is part 6 very proud of it. Now please enjoy this bootyful story๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿผ also who likes soft bakugou ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธok byeeee my little bakudeku shippers**

Third person POV Bakugou looked Lily straight in the eyes. "So your Lily..." He said "Mhm. Never herd of you guess I am more important!" She smiled. "Now Izu... Baby what did you think of that kiss?"

"Oh lily. It was. Well... You need chapstick. Like alot also get a mint and take a hint! I am literally holding hands I am taken!" Izuku shouted "And I do not mind! We can be a threesome minus Blondie." "minus you that would be great." Izuku replied "nO UgLY bLOndE BoY"

"Did you just call kacchan ugly?" "oh his name is kacchan. Hello kacchan" "Excuse me. Only I can call him Kacchan thank you very much!" Bakugou smiled but now it was his turn to tell Lily off.

"Anyway lily...." Bakugou smiled "Do you like.... Explosives..." "umm no why?" "Ah... Ok well if you don't like them it makes it even better!" Lily looked confused. "What is happening" she asked

"Mmm Karma." Izuku said "W-what! AAAAAAUGH" she screamed in agony. "THAT HURT YOU FUCKING RED EYES" "Oh you wanna fight me!? Lets go even God dreads what will happen to you!" "What do you mean Red Eyes!"

Izuku touched bakugous shoulders. "Kacchan.. Dont hurt her... That isn't hero like. Just warn her ok, honey." "F-fine." Bakugou sighed "Lily." He said "Ever touch, talk or even look at Deku and that will be the last thing you do."

Lily rolled her eyes. "Doubt it." "Fine it will be the last thing you do before you are in a hospital." "Fine. But Izuku will be mine. He always has been and always will be!" Then she turned her attention to Izuku

"Bye baby... After that overprotective red eyed freak leaves we can have some fun" "No thank you lily. I think it is about time me and my BOYFRIEND leave." "Ok bye 'Deku'" she said popping her ass. Izuku laughed "If your gonna do that at least have a good butt"

Lily gasped "I do have a good butt. On daily you will be asking to have this little ass sitting on your cute face!" "I think you have gone to far. Good bye, lily" Izuku grabbed Bakugous hand before he blasted likely into hell.

**Bakugoud POV** Lily was God damn lucky I you was there to stop me from fucking killing her. I looked at deku he was holding my hand rather tighter than usual. I smiled then gave him a quick peck on the cheek. He blushed and we continued walking.

We walked in silence most of the way until Isuzu spoke. "I am so sorry for lily Kacchan..." "Dont be sorry she should be sorry." "Ok... I just want you to know you are the one I love" there was the word 'love' how I wanted to say it to him.

My stupid pride told me no and to wait for the right time. "Kacchan. I know we are just teenagers but I can already tell, that we will have an amazing future together." I got to lost in thought I guess I didn't here get middle half and how he transitioned to our future. "Thanks Deku" I felt like that was the proper response.

"Oh look, kacchan we are at the hotel." "cool wait for me ok. My teacher is going to set some rules, you can listen in to try to be able to keep me keeping the rules." That came out weird I thought. "Ok kacchan" aw! Deku understood what I was saying, god I love that fucking nerd.

Third Person POV Mr aziwa was telling the rules You can leave at 9:45 am and you have to come back at 10:30 pm lights out at 11:45. If it was the school year this would have been way stricter. Bakugou looked as Izuku and he nodded showing his journal. He wrote it all down.

Once Mr Aziwa stopped speaking he told the class they were going out for lunch. Izuku had already left about 30 minutes ago when the rules were done with. Probably at his part time job. When the class got to the place theyw ere eating at they sat down in different tables.

Aziwa and All Might The bakusquad The Dekusquad minus deku because you know AU stuff the other ones... Yeah

The bakusquad was having a little debate on wether hot dogs were sandwiches Denki said that subs were one price of bread and they were a sandwich so hotdogs are too. Mina said otherwise. There debate was interrupted by the waiter in his green uniform

"Hello my name Izuku I will be your waiter for today!" He smiles

**okay comment if you hate lily I sure do! Anyway I hope you enjoyed I want to thank you for reading this and I also can't replay to comments sadly since it is kinda buggy when I do and it gets all glitched up. I need a new phone. Anyway have a great day byeee for now part 7 coming soon**

Long Distance (bakudeku part6)

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