Long Distance (bakudeku part5)
Long Distance (bakudeku part5) izuku stories

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Long Distance (bakudeku part5)

**hello! How did you guys like that cliffhanger? This is gonna be a part 5 of my little series! ;-) Warning will get a tad cheese. It is hard not to make stuff cheesy... :-\ Anyway I hope you enjoy this! Also tysm for all the support Byeee**

Third Person POV Izuku opens the door. One fat tear rolls down his eyes. There stood his boyfriend wearing an apron that said 'kiss the chef' "Kacchan..." "Hi Deku" A warm smile on his face "You read the apron. C'mon now."

Izuku smiled and walked over. He went on his tio toes and kissed bakugou. It was short and meaning ful... Izuku blushed. "Wait! I did smell pancakes." He turned his head to the left "Oh my gosh Kacchan thank you! It is beautiful!"

Bakugou couldn't help but suck in the compliment. Normally when people complemented him he would just shrug but when I you complemented him he would act like he just won a million dollars. "May I eat kacchan?" "Duh. That is why I made you all this food." Izuku nodded and stuffed his face

"I just can't believe you are here." He said in between bites. "Yeah it was kinda last minute I guess." Bakugou POV I watched deku eat. I was glad he enjoyed my food. It made me feel on top of the world when he ate it like no there is tommrow.

Seeing deku in person made me love him even more. He was cute. Sweet. Perfect... From his head to his toes. He was my perfect angle. "Has anyone told you, that you are the cutest?" I asked Izuku who was blushing. "Actually yes multiple times."

I growled. "And who told you?" I demanded. "You." "Oh. But it is true." "Aw. Thank you Kacchan! You know what I may be the cutest but you are certainly the handsome one." I blushed. Deku thinks I am handsome.

When deny finished eating he had some chocolate on the side of his face. I went over to him... And I licked it off... Yeah he was a blushy mess after that. But I didn't care then I said something that made him even blushyier (that ain't a word.)

"You know the chocolate taste good. But you taste better." He covers his face but I could tell it was burning. "T-t-thanks kacchan...." He managed to stutter. "You are very welcome. Now I haven't seen you since New Years. Cuddles now."

I smiled and picked up deli bridal style. We sat on the couch and cuddled. I watched the clock making sure it wasn't three o clock yet. Two hours left. We decided to watch a horror movie.... Well ok I decided but whenever a jump scare can deku would hope in my arms and burry his in mine.

"So you can fight villians but your scared of horror movies.." "Well.... I... I get caught up in the moment at least I can save people but I can't with these movies." "Stupid nerd." "Hey! I am your stupid nerd." I smiled "yes you are mine."

We snuggled until my alarm went off. "Shit" I said. "What is uh. Blank word about?" "I gotta go but I dont wanna leave you..." "I could come with you."

I knew that this might be a stupid idea. But fuck it I wanna spend every waking hour with deku besides would it hurt to let people know he is MY property. No it wouldn't. It wouldn't hurt at all. After all he is all mine nobody elses. Nobody. So we walk out the door like so.

"So where are you staying anyway?" "Cherryhill Hotel." "No way Eri is staying there." "I know." "How?" "My teacher helps take care of her."

"Oh. Ok cool!" We held hands, his was warm and sweet. "Izuku.... Is that you" A blond girl said. She had lilac eyes and lilac tips. "Yeah... Hi lily." Lily. That mother of fucker. Kissing my boyfriend like that. I said I would break her didn't I?

**Ayo! Got chapter five done! So will Kirishima get jelly and ruin my ship? Maybe. Anyway comment your thoughts and thank you for reading! I am really enjoying writing this so I hope you enjoy reading this! 😜 So have a great day part 6 coming sooner than later**

Long Distance (bakudeku part5)

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