Long Distance (bakudeku part2)
Long Distance (bakudeku part2) #bakudek stories

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Part 2 of my AU. Truth or dare. Special announcement. Bakudeku. Minita and Trash! Read to find out what happens

Long Distance (bakudeku part2)

**if you are new check out part 1 please! Also thank you so much for reading my first part it blessed me so much! I hope you enjoy this! Like commet subscribe! (I'm just joking lol) Byeeeeee ~ **

Bakugous POV "So what did you want to tell me earlier?" His voice suddenly got nervous "Um... So... This girl Lily... At my school. Um... Well she.. Kinda maybe sorta kissed me." "The fuck!"

The fuck who does 'Lily' think she is kissing MY boyfriend. "I swear I didn't enjoy it and I pulled away! I am so sorry! Please don't break up with me!" "Deku. I am not breaking up with you." "Oh thank God...."

"But you know what I am breaking..." "What..." "Lily." "KACCHAN NO DON'T KILL HER!" "I'm not going to kill her... Just... Harm her... A lot." I cracked my knuckles

"Oh... Kacchan... What am I going to do with you?" "Marry me duh!" I smiled I knew he was getting flustered. So cute. "ok kacchan when we are older." I smiled. Deku wants to marry me! Well, in the future. But still! My heart melted right then and there

Soon Deku had to go school was starting for him. "Bye munchkin" "Bye Kacchan" Third person POV Bakugou left his dorm. He could see his classmates playing a game. Truth or dare. Mina waved bakugou over

"We were about to start c'mon and play!" Bakugou sat in the circle "As long as we can see the girls twerking" Minita- wait. GET THAT TRASH OUTA HERE! So after minita was thrown away they started to play. (Wow I just rhymed)

"Ok!" Mina clapped her hands "Kirishima, truth or dare!" "Dare. That is the manly choice" "Ok. I dare you to.... Kiss Bakugou" Kirishima blushed as he walked to his crush. But bakugou was not having it

"You don't have to shitty hair." "But it is a dare" "But I didn't agree to this 'dare'" Class 1a apart from minita, iida and todoroki are laughing so hard. "Well shit, Mina. Guess I can't."

The class looked disappointed especially Kirishima. "Ok." He said. "Iida truth or dare!" "Truth" "Why are you so uptight?" Kirishima asked "I dunno. I guess I just am."

The game went on until Mins got to ask bakugou the question "Bakugou truth or dare." "Dare." "I dare you to kiss Kirishima." Kirishima blushed "Not happening. I am out I dont give a fuck if I loose."

And with that bakugou left. Minas POV Why won't Bakugou let Kirishina kiss him!? I thought they liked each other. What if... No nobody can tolerate Bakugou like Kirishima... Buuuuut. No Mina. The game ended and I decided to ask bakugou what is up

I walked in. He was on his phone. I tip toed closer. I saw a lityle video playing.

Who is this green haired boy. And how did he get bakugou to do a stupid dance! "Bakugou who is that!" Bakugou turned over his face red. Like a tomato. "You. Saw. Nothing." Oh shit he is using a calm voice but I have guts so I said "I saw nothing. If you explain."

Bakugou looked over. "Fine." I smiled "This is my boyfriend. Now get out I am enjoying his cuteness." "Wha" "You said you would keep quiet if I explained. Now OUT!" He pointed at the door.

Third person POV Time skip next day The students walked in class. It was summer facto tomorrow "Quick announcement" Mr Aziawa said. Everyone looked his direction "The school bought tickets for you guys to go to America for the summer-

But you must have Guardian permission to go. Now on with the lesson" As he blabbed on Bakugou couldn't help but think of America. Deku lives in America. Wait what state. What city. Before bakugou could stop himself she opened his mouth. "WHAT STATE? WHAT CITY!" "Oh for the trip. New York. New York."

He'll yes bakugou thought. Deku lives there.

**Hiiii, what did y'all think!? Anyway I would love if you comment your thoughts. Give me ideas. Also here is two of my favorite ships! Minita x Trash Minita x Suffering Have a great day! Part 3 coming soon**

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