Long Distance (bakudeku part19)
Long Distance (bakudeku part19) #bkdk stories

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The time has come for Bakugou to leave the U.S.A

Long Distance (bakudeku part19)

**like all good things... They must come to an end. This will be the final part of Long Distance... I am posting it the same day as part18 because of mothers day Anyway I hope you will enjoy the finale part... Bye my little bakudeku shippers**

Third Person Today was the finale day of class one a's field trip... Bakugou wanted to spend every waking second with Izuku. He almost cried that morning knowing he would have to leave his boyfriend again. He hated leaving Izuku....

'Why can't I just live in America with him' he thought He was not a huge fan of America but he was a huge fan of Izuku so he figured that Izuku would make up for. "Kacchan you ok?" Bakugou snapped back onto earth. "yeah just sad I am leaving you"

"I am sad too...." Bakugous POV "I don't like goodbyes..." "I don't like them either." He went in for a hug. "it's ok to cry..." With that I started to cry. I didn't cry very often but when I did it was a lot of tears.

"Damnit! It is almost 7:00" "I suppose we should go to the airport..." Deku sighed I walked out of the house holding his wheelchair. "is auntie coming to take care of you" "her trip is over. She should be back by tomorrow night"

"Good. Tell her hi and that I miss her." "I will do so." We finally arrived at the airport. My class was already there 6:30. I kept on looking at my watch like it was gone a bounce to 7:00 any second. It would eventually.

"Let's get a snack before you have to leave. We have time right?" I asked Mr Aziwa. He said make it quick We went to a tiny cafe down the street. We shared a milkshake and had two pieces of cake. His was strawberry and mine vanilla.

"I am gonna miss you so much Kacchan." "not as much as I will miss you." He laughed. "he look that gum ball machine gives matching bracelets. He went over and put a quarter in it. A ball rolled out.

he walked back over and popped it open. One was green and the other orange. It said best friend. Deku grabbed a pen and wrote. Boy ⬇ Best friend

With a little arrow showing where the boy was supposed to be. He smiled and passed the orange one to me. "we should head back." I stood up and grabbed onto Dekus wheelchair. We rolled back over to the airport.

It was 6:57 My flight would leave in three minutes. Me and Izuku hold hands together are heads close. 'Flight 36 is taking off. Everyone on flight 36 please go to your plane.' That was my flight.

"Don't worry Kacchan... This is not goodbye... It is just a see you later..." A tear rolled down my eye I kissed him one last time wand followed my class to the plane. Izuku waved and smiled as I left. I saw he was crying though.

I was almost crying I just didn't want my class to see me crying. I boarded my plane. The flight was long and boring, luckily me and Kirishima were sitting next together. We chatted I am glad our friendship isn't broken... So very glad. He is my best friend after all.

Finally we arrived back in Japan. We all had our goodbyes to eachother and headed our separate ways... I walk home and see my mom and dad waiting for me. Old had gives me a hug and my dad kissed me on my forehead. I hate to say it but I love them.

I walk in my room and grab my phone. My Deku💚: Are you home yet? Me: yeah. Hey deku? My Deku💚: yes Me: can I tell you something My Deku💚: you can tell me anything and everything

Me: you stole my heart a long time ago... I never want you to give it back because we are destined to grow old together My Deku💚: thank you, my life has changed for the better because of you.

**ok that was it... That was the end of Long Distance... Thank you for reading my series!💕 I have a few other bkdk fanfics in mind to do! I can't decide between two of my ideas! Anyway I hope you all enjoyed this thank you so so so much! Comment your thoughts... And see you soon my little bakudeku shippers. :-) 💛**

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