Long Distance (bakudeku part18)
Long Distance (bakudeku part18) #bkdk stories
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Apologies. Sweetness ... Cringe worthy

Part 18

Long Distance (bakudeku part18)

**ok there might be typos because when I write this I do not go back and read over it because this is not school, bitch! Anyway this is part 18 of my bakudeku series I hope you will all enjoy this so take a seat, get a snack and a drink... Its gonna be cringy Read me later my lil shippers**

Bakugous POV Izuku grabs my hand storming off. Well more like rolling... Shesh k guess his d- Hisashi really was a pain. We went back to the hotel. There was Kirishima when he saw Deku he looked kinda shy. He walked over.

"um...Hi izuku" "Hello!" He put on a cheerful smile. "um... I am sorry... I shouldn't have done what I did... I can't forgive myself" Even though I was mad at Kirishima, I completely understood what he was saying since I can't forgive myself for what I did to deku.

"You should forgive yourself." "Do you forgive me" "It is easy to forgive... It is not easy to forget.." Izuku said "But yes... I forgive you" he gave kirishima a half hearted hug... "What about you Bakubro... Do you forgive me"

"I... I don't know..." "What do you mean you don't know?" I sigh... I am mad for what he did but he is my friend and plus Izuku forgave him too.... "I forgive you... I... I am sorry too... For almost attacking you" Kirishima smiles tears in his eyes...

"Thank you Katski! You have know idea what that means to me! And I forgive you too" Did he just say Katski... I smile. "You are my best friend of course I will forgive you." I say giving him a hug. "I am?" "Yes you are..."

After all that drama days went by. It was Sunday now. I sit down on a bench next to Izuku. "Kacchan I hope you know you are special" "in a good way" "In an amazing way" My heart flutters.

"Well you are special in a perfect way" I say, planting a kiss on his forehead. "Thank you Kacchan... Thank you for everything." I smile... Izuku is the image of perfection. And he his my image of perfection. How lucky am I?

Me and Izuku sit in silence. Not a bad silence but a good peaceful one. A type of silence were we are snuggled up against each other The type of silence were you know that you are loved... You are loved very very much. I put my arm around Deku. He blushed a little of course.

Finally silence broke "Kacchan just know I will never leave you side. Even when we are thousands of miles apart." "As long as you know I will be by yours too"

And with that we kissed... Deku lets out a soft giggle and hugs me. "I love you Kacchan!" "I.... I love you too, nerd"

**ok all done with part 18. what did y'all think? I think it is cheesy but sweet.... Anyways thank you for reading this! Please comment your thoughts about it! Have a great day! Part 19 coming very soon. Bye my little bakudeku shippers**

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