Long Distance (bakudeku part16)
Long Distance (bakudeku part16) bakudeku stories

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Izuku tells of Hiashi who gives a surprising proposal to Izuku

Long Distance (bakudeku part16)

**Y'all I legit need a new phone cuz I try to reply to y'all and it gets all glitched up lmao Anway I wanna thank you all for the support. Honestly when I see my notification number I am like damn who knew I could write dumb stuff that people like I hope you all enjoy this my little bakudeku shippers**

Izukus POV Who does this man think he is! Walking in my life like you never left it. Trying so hard not to kill him. Honestly the only thing keeping me from killing him is this wheelchair and the fact the Eri is right there. Who murders in front of a child!!? I dunno, awful people.

"Izuku. Why are you being aggressive with me." "Why did you leave me and mom?" I ask. (legit forgot Addys name and had to go back to part 15) "No! Answer dads question first!" Addy said rather loudly "I mean ok.... If thats what you want."

"Yes that is what I want!" She huffed "I am aggressive with him because when I was a little baby he abandoned me and my mom all alone... He took our money too!!! My mom was a house wife she had no job... She had to get a job because Hisashi is a frickin' idiot" I explained in the friendliest way possible... That was hard.

"Now my question." I turned to Hiashi "Fine... Inko reminds me of my sister who passed away when we were thirteen. I thought maybe she could give birth to a baby girl... I could raise her to be just like my sister and it could be like she never died... But we had you a boy. I gave you a years worth of a chance. Nothing."

"Dude, I was a baby! Also NOT COOL! you can't just marry my mom because she reminds you of your sister!!! You have problems get therapy!" "I don't need therapy!" "AND I DON'T NEED YOU IN MY LIFE!" Hisashi frowned "Izuku...."

I looked up. "WHAT!" "I... I am sorry for what I did. I want another chance with you." "Mmm... You had your chance... A years worth." "Damn!" Kacchan was obviously enjoying this but I was not in a good mood.. I was in a horrible mood.

"What is it Katski!" His face turned serious "Oh shit!!! He is tour problem now! He is a bad mood I don't wanna be with a mad Deku" Allmight and Eri agreed and ran off with Kacchan. I was not that bad when I was in a bad mood.... Was I?

"So... Why not you just spend one day with me and the rest of your family." "They. Are. Not. My. Family. And neither are you." Addy spoke up "Actually I am your family, stupid." "Call me stupid again and it will be the last thing you say." Addy rolled her eyes

"What can you do you're in a wheelchair." I glared at her. I have had broken bones before what is a broken leg and arm gonna stop me from. I stood up "Well I am not in a wheelchair anymore, so let's see what I can do.... Your a kid so I'll go easy."

"Don't hurt my daughter!" Hiashis wife screams. "Geez I am not gonna hurt her... Hurting a child is just wrong. I was gonna show her what I can do, idiot." I showed off my quirk just slightly, so this little brat would back off. "So will you spend the day with us"

"Yes... I would love to get to know my stepson. I really did not want to hang put with them "I had plans with Kacchan. " "Well he can come too!" "Erm.... Fine"

**Ayo! All done with this short part Sorry I didn't post yesterday I had a surgery and I didn't feel to hot after it so... Yeah... Anyway I hope you all enjoyed this please comment your thoughts Part 17 coming soon Thankd for reading

Also I wanted to give a few shout outs @brokeneyes @transremisasimp @ushiwaka @mhafanfics Bye my little bakudeku shippers have a great day! :-)

Long Distance (bakudeku part16)

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