Long Distance (bakudeku part14)
Long Distance (bakudeku part14) #bkdk stories

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In the ambulance Bakugou meets a new girl, Kaylee... At the hospital something happened that Bakugou does not like one bit.

Long Distance (bakudeku part14)

**why hello everyone, how are you? As you know yesterday's part was a little... Yeah. This is part 14 so fucking cool! Anyways I hope you all will enjoy this hell of a rollercoaster I have created. Catch ya later my little bakudeku shippers**

Third person POV The ambulance arrived. "Can I go in with him?" Asked Bakugou "Are you a relative of him?" The medic awnsered in a question. "Well... Boyfriend actually, but that is close enough right?" "Sorry no."

"SORRY YES BITCH!" Bakugou walked into the ambulance and plopped his ass down. "Ugh. Whatever it is fine..." The medic rolled her eyes... The ambulances doors closed and started driving off towards the hospital. "So will he be ok?" Bakugou asked worry in his voice.

"Yes, he is just unconscious, he might have memory lost for a little but I am 99% sure that it will return, who knows maybe he didn't loose it. That would be fabulous!" "Fabulous? Tch." "Wouldn't you agree you are his boyfriend aren't you?" "Yeah to me it would be a miracle from heaven."

"Well ok... Can you explain what happened to him please." "Uh ok... It is kinda a long story though..." "That is alright dear just tell me." "Fine, but don't call me dear, dumbass..." Bakugou rolled his eyes. It was a ridiculously long eyeroll.

"So this girl basically said I cheated on him. Which I did not. Then me and a group of friends went to his house to apologize..." "Ok." "Turns out shitty hair paid pink cheeks to say that, so I wanted to hurt him... Just a little... Because bruh!"

"understandable." "So when I was gonna hit him, deku here threw himself infornt of shitty hair because stupid deku is stupid heroic." "ok.... So he got hurt because of you..." "um... Kinda... Listen it was mainly shitty hairs fault then mine then pink cheeks then him"

"Fair point." Bakugou talked with the medic Her name was Kaylee. Kaylee was named after her parents Kay, and Lee... Creative huh? Kaylee was also engaged. Bakugou spoke to her about all his worries for Izuku, she answered and replied to his worries very nicely.

They finally arrived at the hospital. "So he needs a family member to fill out his paperwork." The lady at the front desk explained. "We have his contacts right here in case of emergency. Let us see... His mom is out of town... Both parents are only childs... Grandparents dead..."

She looked up at Bakugou. "There is one more number but it says only for desperate times... I guess I should call it up." Bakugou smiles it must be his mom... Wait... His mom lives in Japan... Bakugou was confused now... Very confused.

Who else could possibly have anything to do with Izuku? All might? Maybe. Some person Bakugou didn't know? Perhaps... What the fuck who could it be Bakugou thought. The lady picked up the phone then dialed the number.

"Hello is this Midoriya, Hisashi" She said... Bakugou herd a muffled voice "Yes, this is him." Bakugous POV Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. FUCK!

**ok this was kinda short but it was a perfect place for a cliffhanger... Part 15 is coming very soon so be patient... I kinda like Kaylee I might add her in more. She is calm and collected. Anyway comment your thoughts and goodbye for now shippers!**

Long Distance (bakudeku part14)

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