Long Distance (bakudeku part13)
Long Distance (bakudeku part13) bakudeku stories

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Izuku explains what he found out, something happened something bad....

Long Distance (bakudeku part13)

**ok part 13... An unlucky number... Hint hint... Warning gets violent. Thank you all for the support, I love you all! I love you more than todoroki loves his soba! Ok maybe not that much but you get the point :-\ I hope you enjoy this emotional rollorcoster! Anway bye my little bakudeku shippers**

Third Person POV Kirishimas heart was beating like crazy "W-what are you gonna s-s-say" he asked Izuku already knowing the awnser. "well..." Izuku smiled not his normal cute wholesome one but an evil you fucked up smile. "Show me your pockets"

"My pockets why?" "Just do it...." "o-o um ok..." Kirishima showed his right pocket... "Now the other." "No we don't ne-" "Now!" "ok..."

In his other pocket their was a red pen, tape and multiple pictures of of himself... "Now right there on the sign..." He pointed to the part where it said 'I love him more' "Is written in red... Like this pen... This picture... Taped on... Those pictures were some of your choices... Weren't they?" How did he know Kirishima-

thought to himself. Did Eri and Lily really say that much!. "Lily tried her best to keep shut you know.... I told her I would never speak to her unless she spilled..." Kirishima got a little angry, tatle tail... (sound like your three years old lmao)

"Deku what are you trying to say" Bakugou asked. "Well Kacchan... Let me explain everything to you.. From the beginning." Deku took a deep breath then grinned his badass grin. "It all started with a phone call from Eri... She was telling me about the girls meeting with Bakugou... She told me that Uraraka was paid.."

Everyone was still a little confused. "See, someone had to pay Uraraka... Actually three people... I'm surprised she didn't say anything to Kaccan, actually surprised that none of you said anything." Suddenly the girls knew what he was saying. They were rushed that they forgot what Uraraka told them.

Izuku saw there faces. "You remembered something... Great. Well Eri told me about Kirishima, Denki, and Lily... Who happens to go to my school she also happens to have it soft for me. So I asked her what the back was going on... She explained... I already blocked you Kacchan I was about to unblock you when I suddenly herd music..."

Everyone looked at eachother. "What I am trying to say here is... Kirishima likes you Kacchan. Kirishima paid Uraraka to say that, Kirishima vandalized your sign... I am saying Kirishima is the reason for all this mishap." Bakugou looked at his so called best friend "is this true?"

Kirishima looked like he was about to cry. "IM SORRY I GOT JEALOUS!" He cried "you aren't sorry." Izuku said "what I am!" "No, you are only sorry that you got caught. You would do it again if you didn't."

Kirishima finally burst into tears "I..... I...." Kirishima could hardly muster a word. "fight me..." He looked Izuku straight in the eyes. "Hmmm... Why?" "Whoever wins... Gets Bakugou"

Izuku looked stunned but then shook his head no "Why you scared..." "for you!" "then why won't you fight?" "Kacchans heart isn't an object he picks who he likes and that is that! You can't act like he is a prise to be won that is disgusting"

Kirishima looked angry but he agreed with Izuku... But eh did something... He punched Izuku in the face. Hard. Izuku fell to the road face first. Bakugou was ready to blast Kirishima to hell when he blasted something happened. Izuku through himself infront of Kirishima... Why?

Kirishima POV Why did he just do that... After what I did... He saves me... Why... Back to third person POV Izuku got flung into the air he was plumitting to the ground.. Some people were watching others gasping some screaming

'Get help!!!!' Izuku landed on the ground blood surrounding him...

**ok all done what did y'all think? Anyway I hope you enjoyed part 14 coming soon!!! Comment your thoughts please they always encourage me to write new parts faster than iida! Well bye for now my little bakudeki shippers.**

Long Distance (bakudeku part13)

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