Long Distance (bakudeku part11)
Long Distance (bakudeku part11) bakudeku stories
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alyssastuff Is the impossible ever possible?
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Bakugou and the girls come up with a plan to win back Izukus heart but Kirishima is not going to give up that easily. Part11

Long Distance (bakudeku part11)

**You wouldn't have gotten this part today if it wasn't for @brokeneyes! The drama will happen!!!! :-) Now buckle up for this emotional rollercoaster Please enjoy this fanfic my little bakudeku shippers.... ACTION**

Third Person POV Group chat The girls and Baku. Mina: ok what is the plan? Jirou: Bakugou any ideas? Bakugou: here is his address ********* go talk to him on my behalf and explain. Uraraka: that is all? Bakugou: beat kirishimas ass

Tsu: just kirishima or denki and that lily girl too Bakugou: I wouldn't mind all Tsu: ok, man Mina: Anything else? Bakugou: Play still into you, that song was playing in the airport before he moved it is our song

Momo: that is so cute! Mina: AAAAAA 😍😍😍 Uraraka: πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• Tsu: OMG BAKUGOU IS SOFT! Bakugou: SHUT UP DAMN EXTRAS AND FUCKING GET TO WORK! Momo: ok ok... Chill out.

The girls started developing their plan They grabbed a radio and made bought a CD Then they got a text Bakugou: I have an idea Mina: what is it The girls were excited to hear his idea

Bakugou: you gonna have to sneak me out but I never told him 'I love you' Mina: o. m. g. Are you gonna say you love him!! Bakugou: fuck ya bitch! Mono: yay this will be so cute we need a camera so that way it can play at your wedding!!πŸ˜€ Bakugou: HELL YES!

When they were finally ready the found bakugou and replaced him with a dummy that Momo made. "ok plan bakudeku into action!" Mina said "what?' Bakugou looked surprised " It is called a ship name!!!!" She fangirled

"Well let's go put your hands in" Jirou told the others They all did even Bakugou "BAKUDEKU!" they shouted Then Eri spoke up "you should give him a candy apple... He likes them" she handed Bakugou a candy apple. Bakugou smiled.

They packed up the things they needed and headed off towards Izukus home Eri tagging along she was a little slower so Uraraka used her quirk to make her float the rest of the way. They ran off

The girls were cheering about the genius plan, on the way there.

Kirishima POV I walked into the hotel room ready to kiss Bakubro I had the courage to do that! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ I walked in I saw him asleep I tried waking him up... Wait this isn't Bakugou... It's one of Momos creations. I look out the window and see the girls and bakugou running

I rush out the room to follow them Maybe they are just getting ice cream... Maybe... Whatever the fuck this is I'll make sure nothing will ruin my plan. Hmph.

**Ok how was that for an ending!? Comment your thoughts please and thank you! Part 12 coming soon!!! 😜 I got trigger happy with emojis! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed goodbye for now my little bakudeku shippers**

Long Distance (bakudeku part11)

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