Long Distance (bakudeku part 3)
Long Distance (bakudeku part 3) bakudeku stories

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Long Distance (bakudeku part 3)

**Aaaay!!!! Two in one day let's go! Hope y'all enjoy it. I do! Sorry for typos or if it gets clumpy! Enjoy this my little bakudeku shippers!! The ship is gonna sail. Well bye for now!**

Bakugous POV Time skip two days later~ I called old hag to see if I can go. And she sent me a verification email. Cool. I defy to surprise deku so I called auntie to make sure he won't have any plans Auntie was very excited and asked if she should pick me up at the airport. I said no

The class had a buds rented out to take up to the hotel we would be staying at. I packed up my things very excited. We were leaving tomorrow. Eri was also coming. Of course. And of course she would want to see Deku as well. Damnit. But fuck that shit. I'm gonna see my perfect boyfriend

time skip next day~ almost the entire class was at the airport only minita was missing. (Cuz he shit and i don't want him around.) Everyone sat on our plane. I had a conversation with shitty hair or dunce face here and there. Since they were next to me

time skip to when they arrive ~ My first thought is see Deku. But I know I won't be able to until tomorrow. That's when I saw a sign In big letters it said Eri. Held by... Deku.. Did she tell him. Shit it ruins everything

She ran over to him. "Mr. Izuku!" Everyone looked over "Who is your friend Eri?" Mr aziwa asked "This is Izuku. He is the one who saved my life." I was in the back. Good

Deku could not see me. "Well. Very nice would you like to come help us unpack, izuku?" "Oh I would love to but I need to help my mom clean the house. See you later Eri." "Bye Mr. Izuku." "Bye."

God why didn't I run right into dekus warm arms. His sweet smile. I wanted to surprise him. It would have been a surprise but I wanted it to be special. I wanted to hug him. Then I remembered something. Lily. The dumbass who kissed my boyfriend. Was in America. I could you know... Hurt her. Not kill her or anything.. Maybe

Third person POV Class 1a minus fucking purple balls. Walked in the hotel Everyone was amazed it was stunning Bakugou shared a room with Kirishima and Todoroki. The three walked in "So" Kirishima said

"Who is taking the couch." Todoroki smiled "I like couches. That will be mine." Kirishima and Bakugou shrugged happy they got the beds. It was late so everyone had to go to bed

In the morning everyone rose. They went down in the lobby and had a lovely breakfast except bakugou. Who left really early. To cook breakfast for a certain someone.

** ok kinda short. Who cares? Anyway I had to leave it where bakugou didn't see deku in person. Part 4 might come tommrow or on Thursday. If neither two parts will come on Friday. Anyway I hope you enjoyed this! Have a great day. Bye**

Long Distance (bakudeku part3)

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