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Online bullying needs to stop.

Cyber bullying

I wanted yo talk about online bullying because it isn't taken seriously. I remember when I was younger I had an app called Anitales and one girl whos user name was Iveta the Princess got bullied on there a lot for just making what made her happy. Of course this made made me upset.

A few days later her twin sister who went by meodow made a video about why online bullying should stop. Why? Because iveta committed suicide. There was one hater who made this entire video which was the final push for her.

On the app you could make clubs and there was one about Iveta. The hate continued which is just horrible! This story is really only known to the people that had the app around the time I did. So why am I writing this?

Because it needs to stop! I know it won't stop because I am writing this I just wanted to make it clear that online bullying should die in a hole. If you ever see someone get bullied, online or not. Speak up! Your silence is part of the problem. Thank you for reading

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