Black and White 1
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alyssastuff Is the impossible ever possible?
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Daniel is dealing with depression. After his mom died he couldn't take it anymore is life is black and white. The only thing keeping him going is his young sister and he will make sure her life is full of colors.

Black and White 1

Insecurities are depressing, they put us down Secrets are scary, we all keep one hidden. Love is wicked, you will never find it.

My name is Daniel everyone calls me Danny, I am twenty and know that there KS no point I have known this all my life... My mom... She knew up it as well that is why she ended her life... With a knife. That is what I want to do but I know something my mother didn't...

I know that killing yourself doesn't get rid of the sadness... It will just pass it off to someone else. My mom passed hers off to me. Once she died... It was like everything turned black and white... Like happiness died. Maybe if I were better she wouldn't have died maybe if I was smart enough to know something was wrong.

Maybe then my mom could be with me... Maybe then I would still find some joy in life... If this is what life is I don't want it if this is what life is full of sadness, pain, anger I don't want to have it! This shit is tearing me down and I don't know what to do about it! I hate myself and my life!

I pound the wall... "Danny.... Are you ok..." My little sister Maria comes in. "Yes Maria.... I am fine... Perfectly fine..." "you don't sound fine... Mr Cuddles can give you a hug." Mr Cuddles was a white teddy bear that mom gave her before... She died...

"No Maria.... Mr Cuddles can stay with you..." "Danny...." "Yes." "Why did Dad leave us.... After mom...... Left...." I knew why. Dad was abusive he hated me and Maria... He hated mom too.

"Don't worry about it...." "Why?" I sigh... She was full of questions but on of the only things keeping me going... If I died she would have no one. If I died. I would be happy... Her happiness is more important than mine she is still a kid with hopes and dreams.

"Maria..." "Yes.." "Never give up... Ever. For you life will always have colors and will never be black and white."

Black and White 1

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