A thank you!
A thank you! thanks stories
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alyssastuff Is the impossible ever possible?
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Just a thank you and a extra scene from Long Distance

A thank you!

So it gets glitchy when I try to respond to my readers so I can't tell them thank you :-( So this is a thank you to all my readers some especially in mind, sorry if I do not mention you...

@iliketrains - First of all yes poor shark boi. Second of all thank you for supporting me and my story

@brokeneyes You are really sweet, and very supportive :-) I love to read the comments you leave me

@emily_tae You are really awesome leaving the sweetest comments! so thank you! Very very very much. (No GIF for you sucka! I'm just kidding... But no GIF)

@lbgtqueenkeke And @itsalextheman For following me And my 21 other followers That sounds... Weird followers. Like I am a god or something.

To everyone who liked my stories So a lot... Yay!!!!!

Now if you stuck with me this long I am happy to announce that part 9 of Long Distance is coming soon! Here is a little something something for you all 😏😏😏 Just kidding it is just a extra scene for my series 😜

**third person pov** As kirishima cried about Bakugou having a boyfriend denki soothed him... Well tried he basically said a lot of jokes to try to cheer up kirishima... But it was usless he was heartbroken... Absolutely. Positively. Heart broken. He cried his broken heart out...

Behind the scene Long Distance-

Ok bye and thank you so so much I am so blessed :-)

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