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alyssas16| Depression never goes away
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I gave my heart to you I set my standards high

Can I love you

I gave my heart to you

I set my standards high

I laid my eyes on you

I laughed and cried with you

I told you my hopes and dreams

My love and fears

My tears I shed all over your shoulder

In the end

I came to see that you were

The only guy I could ever trust

When I see you

Face lights up with aspiration, and happiness

When we talk, I can feel the load unload

With soothing words from you

I have the feeling of love in my heart

In my mind, I say “you don’t mean a thing’

In my words, I say “you are just a friend”

But the deep end of my heart

I think of only you

When I tell you my expectations of a guy

You tell me never fall short of what you want

But only one thing stands in the way

You are a friend

Can I still love you the way that I do?

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