(Getting Out of the) Quicksand of Memories
(Getting Out of the) Quicksand of Memories moving on stories

alyssa_reii soul laid bare, handle with care
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The conversation within myself.

(Getting Out of the) Quicksand of Memories

Time and time again, my mind wonders off to the land of nostalgia.

You can't do that, you'd never be able to move on.

Look, don't you see that everyone has already left you behind?

You're the only one here now, stuck in the past.

All by yourself.

Yes, all by myself.

No one is going to be able to save you like this, you know?

I know.

I don't want anyone to save me either.

Leave me here.

In the end, I'd always be alone.

Besides, I'm more than satisfied with you by my side.

That's enough for me.

You do know that I'm just a reflection of your younger self right?

The you from yesterday.

The you from six months ago.

The you from years back.

I never actually existed.

You did.

You were more alive than I ever am right now.

I wonder why I am even here.

My world is no longer as colourful as it used to be.

But that's just part of growing up, isn't it?

Sure, the world is bigger than you thought it'd be.

And cruel.


And unfair.


And ugly.

Yes, but the point is,

The longer you stay here, the deeper you're getting pulled under.

If you keep comparing today to yesterday,

You'd never make it back alive.

So you want me to leave YOU behind?


Go on, life is fickle.

There isn't a moment more to hesitate.

Things like memories should be framed up and left untouched, don't you think?

It's more beautiful that way,

Rather than running through them in your head again.

That'd only cause you more pain.

Wait, I-

Don't worry, for we'd always be connected.

I am you.

And you are me.

Somewhere inside you, I'd always be there.

So, you aren't actually alone, are you?

Will I be able to see you again?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Please, just do as I say.



Thank you for everything.

For the good times, and the bad.


I guess it's farewell then.



(But I hope you won't find me again.)

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