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alynn01 Simply existing
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There is a great beauty in wildflowers that I will always hold dear. A story of empowerment for those needing it.


There is a great beauty in wildflowers that I will always hold dear.

Their petals ranging from dilapidated earthen tones to vibrant displays of near infinite tones, their gentle yet intricate stems bobbing carelessly against the cool breeze,

or simply their delicately shaped leaves that consume the light with every woven fiber.

There are few things I dislike about their nature for even the barbed and unappealing smelling variants are formed from the same desire, to survive.

It is not their color or grace that makes wildflowers appealing to me, rather it is their drive to not only survive, but to thrive, regardless of their environment.

If land exists they will find a way to inhabit it. it is this persistence that I feel is awe-inspiring, especially given their delicate beauty.

I'd like to think of myself as a wildflower trying its best to make its way through life, season by season and year by year.

Perhaps I'm not one of the brightly colored flowers that draws everyone's attention, but that is of little significance to me.

I bear thorns merely to protect myself from the dangers that left me scarred before.

I open my petals to the sky only when the time is right, leading many to perceive me as nothing more than a mere weed.

Regardless of the hardships I may have faced, I still not only exist, but I am thriving. I am growing and spreading my beauty inch by inch to everything I touch.

I don't allow the world to keep me from reaching my destination, I merely persist. This is the life of a wildflower in bloom.

I am not alone in the wild. I have met countless friends who share a similar drive. These friends see me for the beauty that lies beneath the surface.

They sought to grow alongside me because they saw something inspiring in the way I approached the world. Likewise I found myself inspired by them.

Some of them bore colors I will never be able to put to words, their unapologetic hues created a display far beyond the limits of what can be expressed.

Their colors are an art that I hope one day I might be able to imitate. Others I met were more subtle in their displays yet for all their subtlety they would still find ways to amaze me.

All the same, I would not be the way I am without their support and influence on my world.

My message to you is this, go out and find your place in the world, and when you find it never let anyone uproot you.

Don't let anyone tell you that it can't be done for you will be the one to prove them wrong.

Everyone is a wildflower, everyone has beauty inside and out, and everyone has a drive that is unstoppable. Go out into the world and make it better day by day, hour by hour, breath by breath.

This is your world so own it, unapologetically.

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