Running in place
Running in place peace stories

alynn01 Simply existing
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My restless soul could never stay in one place. A poem about accepting peace’s embrace.

Running in place

My restless soul never could stay in one place.

It never felt peace's warm embrace.

I threw my soul through every open window.

But that life never made me feel whole.

I paced and paced

It was clear that I was completely out of place.

Even so I could not stand to face,

The fear of staying in one place.

Stillness and peace were so foreign to me

Doubt clouded my eyes so I'd never seen a world

so calm

so warm

Peace left me feeling torn:

Should I continue running?

Or should I stop?

I felt a weight holding me in place.

I resisted but eventually I was enveloped in peace's warm embrace.

Never again did I feel like running in place.

Never again did I pace and pace.

My soul has found peace in this new embrace.

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