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by alycatcreations

We are different.

Like the hundreds of genes that make up who we are,

We are special

It is not by reassurance that we find ourselves,

but rather in our own minds

Technology does not rule us,

and a brand of clothing does not define who we are

Like a snowflake we are many yet all slightly flawed,

still swilling on the path that our society leads us

but let us abandon the stone prisons of our stereotypes,

be free of the cookie cutter in which we all seem to come

Handed freedom yet we hide behind the bars of expectation,

more comfortable with looking out from within.

Curiosity arrives on the wings of a bird.

soft yet driven by a mad longing to soar

it is a cat awaiting its meal,

quiescent and industrious.

Through curiosity,

we can gain knowledge

Through this knowledge,

we can be unique...

...and achieve


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