6 Slides about Alyssa
6 Slides about Alyssa  stories

alycatcreations Just a small town writer <3
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6 Slides about Alyssa

by alycatcreations

I grew up in Alberta .

Growing up here was interesting because we've got some of the most beautiful mountains that you'll ever see! Not to mention all of the beautiful golden canola fields, and beautiful lakes. .

In my spare time I do ballet, hunt, dance, and read.

I initially got into this because I had always done it as a child, and as for my shows and books, I've always be a large fan!

My proudest moment was when

I finally got my pointe shoes which I've been working for for a solid 13 years! I'd put a lot of work, not to mention done a lot of damage to my feet and ankles to get there..

My dream is to teach, and marry my highschool sweetheart..

My mother is the one that really motivated me to go into teaching, and the idea of helping people has always highly appealed to me. As for my highschool sweetheart, he's the love of my life.

Now, I am a student and dancer.

I dance more than 10 hours a week, and am currently in grade 11.

I'm looking forward to graduation, and many exciting years.

I'm excited about this because It'll be an incredibly new experience, but an exciting one nonetheless.

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